North Macedonia & Via Egnatia

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  • From Thessaloniki to Constantinople

    Day 1: Flight to Thessaloniki to Istanbul, transfer to hotel, overnight in Thessaloniki ...

    Day 2: Flight to Thessaloniki, sightseeing, overnight in Thessaloniki. The second largest city of today's Greece; It is considered the capital of Macedonia. After Piraeus and Smyrna, this is the most important seaport on the Aegean Sea and was considered the port of Southeastern Europe to the Mediterranean on the river Axios. Through the valley of Axios (Vardar), you can reach the interior and colder zones of the European continent, making it an important junction on the Via Egnatia for traders from the Orient and Europe. The birthplace of Alexander the Great, "Pella" is just an hour's drive away. We will visit the White Tower, the market and an Orthodox Christian monastery.

    Day 3: Halkidiki, Athos, Overnight in Kavala.

    We drive from Thessaloniki over three hours on the peninsula Chalkidiki. The monastery Athos is of particular importance for the Orthodox Church. Here for centuries, the monks were trained according to the strict rules of the Eastern Church and women had no access here.

    Day 4: City sightseeing in Kavala, bathing opportunity and overnight in Thassos.

    After visiting the Roman aqueduct and the market of Kavala, we take the ferry to the island of Thassos. Here is the opportunity to swim.

    Day 5: Bathing in Thassos. Overnight in Alexandroúpoli.

    Day 6: Drive to Turkey, Asia Minor, Overnight in Edirne.

    The former capital of the Ottoman Empire is today the administrative center of a province of the same name. It has in its history the names Odrysai (Thracian), Orestia (ancient Greek) and Hadrianopolis (Latin).

    Day 7: Capital of the East Constantinople, Byzantium, Istanbul, Overnight in Istanbul.

    The 1,500-year-old capital of eastern Constantinople is waiting for us with its 15 million inhabitants.

    It takes at least an hour for this impressive city to reach the historic peninsula. This city acts as a magnet for all Eastern peoples, so that immigration increases this city by one million inhabitants every three years. After a panoramic drive around the Marmara Sea, the Golden Horn, we will visit the Grand Bazaar and take a boat trip on the Bosphorus. Our hotel is located directly at the Grand Bazaar.

    Day 8: After breakfast, departure from hotel to airport for Return flight to own city

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